General Principles to Motivate Students

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Published: 10th January 2011
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A huge part of the teaching profession is the ability to motivate students. To motivate students, teachers need to spark interest in the topic and take different approaches to learning to make a daunting topic come alive. There are many principles of motivation that exist and are applicable to any learning situation. Follow these general principles to motivate students and make your teaching career a success.

1.) Make the environment one that can be focused in to obtain the students attention: If your classroom has too many distractions, students will be unable to learn what needs to be learned. Creating a warm and accepting classroom that also promotes persistent effort with motivate students to learn. Utilize visual aids to capture attention.
2.) Use incentives: Incentives can range from candy to privileges when answering a question correctly. Receiving praise from an instructor motivates students to want to answer correctly and know the information.
3.) Increase lasting internal motivation: Internal motivation requires continuous reinforcement and is common with children of certain ages as well as some adults. When a student gains feelings of satisfaction, student motivation increases.
4.) Learning is most effective when an individual is ready to learn: When a student wants to know something, their motivation to obtain the knowledge increases. A students motivation may come with time. Your role as an instructor is to encourage the motivation of students and their development.
5.) Organization: To motivate students, the way in which the material is organized makes it more meaningful. One method or organization includes relating new tasks to those already known.

To sustain a motivation in students, the goals for the learner must be realistic. Motivation can be determined by the interest students have on the topic. Remaining positive about the topic at hand and utilizing different teaching techniques can spark interest and motivate students.

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